All pools are susceptible to leaks, whether old or new, plaster or vinyl. Leaks can be caused by ground movement and settling, aging of the plumbing, even termites and ants. Fortunately, Leak Specialists has a complete leak detection service to find and repair annoying leaks before further damage can occur to the pool or surrounding area. Stop paying for the addition of water to your pool every day; call our service department to make an appointment so we can find and stop that leak.

We use a three stage system to check for leaks, depending on the type of
pool you have. The goal is to find the leak as efficiently as possible to
eliminate any damage the leak may be causing.

First, we inspect for visible leaks around the equipment and above ground plumbing.
Next, we perform a dye test of all the typical areas where a leak can occur, such as in the skimmer, the returns, or the steps.
Finally, we conduct a pressure test of the entire system to determine the integrity of the underground plumbing.

When the leak is found, the technician will repair it if possible; liners can be easily mended with an underwater vinyl patch, and plaster pools can be repaired with underwater epoxy. Even in the coldest water the technician can dive in wearing his dry suit. Underground plumbing leaks can be more difficult to locate, even after the pressure test reveals a break in one or more of the pipes. The technician uses Electronic Sonar to locate the area of the leak so cutting the deck can be minimized as much as possible.